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Tucker James Salyer June 9th, 2012, Firestone 550 Texas Motor Speedway, Ft. Worth, Texas

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Tucker James Salyer
Age 6
Longview, Texas

lat_abbott_tex0612_3696In 2011, young Tucker had some bruising on his arms and legs that looked like normal bruises for a 5 year old boy. After a week the bruising continued toworsen, he had what seemed like a sinus infection and a heat rash. On July 26th 2011 Tucker’s parents took him to his pediatrician who was very suspicious ofthe bruising and ordered blood work immediately. The next day morning we received a call from his pediatrician advising us to have Tucker in Dallas at Children’s Medical Center as soon as possible.

Our worst fears were confirmed the next day after Tucker had a bone marrow aspiration that concluded that he had ALL Type B Leukemia. Tucker’s world changed instantly.

Tucker started an intense chemo regimen of weekly treatments at Children’s from August 2011 to March 2012. During this time he made many trips to ER and wasadmitted several times into the hospital for infections due to his low immune system. In April 2012 Tucker started the maintenance phase of his treatment.

lat_abbott_tex0612_3690Tucker currently goes to Children’s for treatment once a month and takes chemo medication at home. Tucker will continue treatment for the next three years. Tucker and his brother Riley love anything with wheels. Tucker loves racing and enjoys watching any type of racing on TV. He likes getting out in the shopand working with his dad. Tucker is very handy with his dad’s tools. Tucker also enjoys spending time at the race track in Houston with his Papaw James. Xboxis his favorite indoor activity. He has just about every racing game they make for Xbox and will play for hours if we let him. His favorite store is GameStop.Tucker will start Kindergarten at the end of August 2012.

We are very excited and nervous about the upcoming school year for Tucker. We just want him to feellike a regular kid and enjoy his childhood.We pray for a cure for cancer daily.

Chris and Shelly Salyer

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