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Keaton Gershen-Lewis, August 21-22, 2010, Sonoma, CA

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Sonoma_Grand_Prix_133Keaton Gershen-Lewis, 10 years old, was our guest and Champion of the Grand Prix of Sonoma, August 21-22, 2010. Keaton was diagnosed in 2006 with Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. After 2 years of treatment, we are all happy to report that Keaton has been in remission for just under 2 years.

In general, Keaton was a vibrant, healthy boy. About a week prior to his diagnosis, Keaton had complained of chest pains while running around during soccer practice. Initially, on a weekend, he saw a doctor and was sent home with inhalers. Keaton did not respond well to the inhaler and went to his pediatrician the following Tuesday.

ryan_KeatonOnce the doctor saw Keaton, he noticed he could not hear his lung on one side and ordered a chest x-ray. Within minutes, a pediatric cardiologist came in and an ambulance was called for fear that Keaton could go into cardiac arrest. The doctors had found a tumor 2/3 the size of Keaton’s chest. Within four hours of initially going in to see his Pediatrician, Keaton was receiving his first chemotherapy treatment at UCSF Children’s hospital. Keaton continued treatment for over 2 years at Kaiser in San Francisco.

Because Keaton’s immune system was broken, he had to be isolated from friends and family for almost two years, which was particularly difficult for his younger brother, Rory. Keaton is doing well, and we are all fortunate that he was able to see a doctor when he did and catch the tumor, perhaps only a few days from the tumor being a fatal condition. Keaton and his brother had a great deal of fun at the race and I think it is safe to say they are both big Ryan Hunter-Reay fans today!