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Please share with us! So many of our lives have been impacted by cancer, so we have created a spot where everyone can share their own story. Tell us about: your fight against cancer, a loved one who is fighting, or dedicate a post to a loved one who has lost the battle the against cancer.

We will post your stories here for our Racing For Cancer community to read. We hope that by posting these stories we will inspire more people to join our cause and help pick up the pace in fighting cancer! Thank you for sharing your story.

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  1. Carrie says:

    My nana was a two time cancer survivor. Breast Cancer in 1982 and skin cancer in 1997. Friday May 17th 2013 she passed at 85. So in memory of her I am making a donation to racing for cancer to help beat cancer just like she did.

  2. J.R. Riggs says:

    I am an 18 year cancer survivor and can’t thank organizations like this enough for all you do!! Treatment has come a very long way since I was treated for A.L.L.(Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) thanks to you!! I still remember my Mom driving me up to Laguna Seca while I was still fighting to see the race. We went to every race there and every race at Long Beach since then!!

  3. Phil Berg says:

    My girlfriend and I were privileged to attend the event that Ryan had in Downtown Indy before the 500. My father had pancreatic cancer and died in 1986 and I am so thrilled that Ryan has taken up this fight. Thanks again to him and the entire organization

  4. Paul says:

    My mother died at 40yo due to cancer.. didn’t make didn’t see our wedding or her grandchildren; numerous friends and family have all been taken too soon.

    Last year my wife was diagnosed with Papillary carcinoma (Thyroid Cancer). While this is a slow moving and more manageable cancer, the thought of cancer rocked our family. She is the center of my world and the mother to our 7 kids. She is simply amazing…! At this point, and after surgeries and radiation, she has nearly recovered 100%. I am grateful to have my wife and will continue to be there for her to fight off this terrible disease.

    Ryan – By the grace of God, we’ll be in the stands in Fontana pulling for you together next weekend. We can’t wait to spend our anniversary weekend (19 years)together, enjoying the time we do have on this earth and making the most of it.

    See you in the winners Circle!

    - Paul and Tracy Miller

  5. Gayle says:

    My daughter was born with neuroblastoma. Diagnosed at 7 months. Hemorrhaged. Convulsions. Surgery to remove tumor, kidney .Stage 4.10% chance of survival. Chemo a year. She is now 31. Has numerous medical issues but survived and functional. Cancer free .Miracles do happen!!

  6. Mike Silver says:

    My wIfe Vicki lost her courageous battle with cancer last October. I have become dedicated to do what I can to beat this horrible predator. We never gave up hope, but it was too much for her to overcome. I am happy that groups like this contribute to the fight. I am proud to attend the Yellow Party in her memory.

  7. Chad K says:

    I just donated in Memory of my Dad who would of been very excited for the month of May in Indianapolis. We know you will be with us in spirit at IMS. Miss you Dad!

  8. Kristi says:

    To my gentle loving life saving best friend Lugnut. As a diabetic alert dog, he was a Service Dog extrodinaire and saved my life many times. He shared all his love with the Soldiers at Camp Atterbury when we went to visit too. Sadly we lost him to cancer Feb 15, 2012. Lugnut, buddy….you live on in my heart. May you be waiting at Heaven’s Gate when I pass. I love you.

  9. Rory Gentry says:

    Just made my donation in memory of Steven R. Brenner of Indianapolis. Steve’s fight with cancer ended on Dec. 9, 2011. He was just 54 years old. Steve was a genuinely good guy, and those who knew him were lucky to have him in our lives.

    Steve has the best seat in the house for every race now. See you at the finish line, buddy.

  10. Jay B says:

    I donated my $28 to help my godmother Jeannie, who is undergoing chemo for breast cancer and her son Tom who was is undergoing chemo for testicular cancer.. hang in there and fight the good fight…..

  11. Wayne Marek says:

    I just donated $28.00 in honor of my brother “Randy” who is a Cancer Survior. Randy fought Cancer and won, it was tough but he got through the Chemo, Surgery and all the other unpleasant things that come with it. Our whole family is grateful that he is Cancer Free now and enjoying life. Hopefully with continued funding from Non-Profit Organizations like
    “Racing for Cancer” and “LIVESTRONG” a cure for Cancer will become a reality.

  12. Kari Logan says:

    Donation dedication in loving memory of Landon Morrill, a 6 year old sweet little boy that was taken from us too soon.

  13. tim says:

    have faith, treat them like they will live and pray to lord. my mother, who will be 70 in 2 weeks was hospitalized march 26, 2010 and diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma and bone marrow cancer, with faith, prayer and wonderful doctors she finished 6 stages of chemo, 4 weeks of radiation and when we got the results from her complete pet scans and bone marrow test on october 18 and 19, 2010 she was 100% cancer free. please know it can happen to you or your loved one, have faith, miracles happen every second of the day

  14. Airway911 says:

    In fall 2006 my 6-year-old kitty Apollo was diagnosed with salivary gland adenocarcinoma. We discovered a lump near his jaw which lead us to see the veterinarian. Within a week he had the tumor removed. We met with an oncologist to discuss our options, and Apollo was given an estimated 6-12 months to live. About 4 months later the tumor returned and we chose to have it removed. When the tumor came back a third time, we realized we were fighting a losing battle. We discussed another surgery with Apollo but opted to just let him enjoy being a cat and keep him out of the operating room. In April 2007 we celebrated his 7th birthday which was a day we didn’t know we would see. Then one year later in April 2007 we celebrated his 8th birthday. Apollo was a fighter and was determined not to leave this world until he accomplished everything he needed to. I learned so much from him in our 8 years together. On September 17, 2008 Apollo passed away with his family including his little brother Triton at his side. We miss you, buddy! We love you always.

  15. Scott W. says:

    Donated my $37 dollars today after hearing of the website watching todays Indycar race. Im a big Ryan Hunter-Reay fan. I have followed his racing for quite a while now. I have also been fortunate to have been on the kart track at California speedway with Ryan and Becky a couple of times.

    I was diagnosed with Squamous cell carcinoma at the base of my tongue in August of 2009. So far treatment has been successful. Its been a year since diagnosis and 7 months since the end of treatment and its looking great.

    Unfortunatly I have not been able to race the Kart yet, but hope to be back on the track real soon. Almost back to 100%.

    Great comeback today Ryan after that mishap at pitout.
    Good luck the rest of the season.


  16. Julia Whitley says:

    My name is Julia Whitley;

    The days are short for me now, I’m on a fast track to get help now.
    I have applied for SSI
    My living expenses are estimated at 2500.00 monthly based on rent, car, medications, light, gas.etc.
    My dentist estimated costs are 8000.00
    My estimated time of recovery is 9 months to a year.

    I am in pain constantly, even more when I eat I pick my battles as to what to eat. Chewing is grief for me. I take Vicondin & 800mg Motrin for pain this is not good for my liver, which is being affected.I don’t sleep due to having to drink water every 15 minutes…throughout the night. I was diagnosed in 1999 with cancer of the salivary gland. The gland and lynod was removed and cutting on the smile nerve. I have no saliva. I have TMJ. Several surgeries have taken place due to the radiation 5 days a week for 7 weeks. Feeding tube for 7 months, lost 69 Pd’s in 4 months. Later to endure chemo and more surgeries. Gerd has given me grief without mercy…I have had two surgeries due to Gerd. The last one in December 2009 was not effective. I have a mass on my pancreas that cannot be touched because it is in the duct. This legion has grown in the last 3 years. However the doctors told me not to be concerned at this time we will have to watch it…every six months to a year.

    March 09; I proceed to do hyperbertic treatments 30 before the removal of four teeth top and bottom. This was to prevent me from getting a bone disease.After the surgery I did 10 more treatments.

    I need two root canals and the latter of my teeth are decaying rapidly & they crumble. I want to be able to eat a meal without Pain and smile again with Dignity and self confidence. I NEED HELP! I have not worked since September 2010.I was working for the State of Texas and was fired due to my second Gerd surgery and dental surgery with hypo-bertic treatments.

    I am in DESPAIR with grief and shame surmerged in PAIN Al-day long.

    I was accepted in Methodist Hospital as a charity patient for Gerd surgery which is schedule for September 16, 2010. My diagnosis is chronic after having several test and a biopsy. Before this I have been in the system at Ben Taub Hospital for maybe 5 or 6 years having different doctors not knowing how to treat me due to so many health challenges from radiation.It shows my espohagitis lining is gone, Ulcer, Reflux esophagitis, Chronic active carditis. Sections of the EG junction biopsy show squamous mucosa with areas of ulceration and erosion. Portions also show basal cell hyperplasia, elongation of lamina propria papillae and chronic inflammation including lymphocytes and eosinophils. Portions of gastric mucosa show pancreatic acinar metaplasia, moderate chronic inflammation and cryptitis and focal acute activity. hence, immunohistochemical staining for H Pylori is performed. The doctor will do a third Gerd surgery, this time it will con-sits of Bariatric surgery…where I will have great weight loss rapidly. My Blood pressure is serve, whereas I am taking 3 different medications to try and keep it under control. This too has landed me in several ER Hospital in the last 6 months.

    I had two root canals in July 2010, with the state,I am still in pain consistently. I have severe bone loss in the jaw area of radiation. The dentist has seen me. I was informed on last week after seeing one dentist that I would need first reconstruction of rebuilding the bone in the upper and lower mouth. Pulling all upper teeth due to severe acid reflux decay and not having saliva in ten years. Then after September 16, 2010 surgery they would rebuild the lower jaw and replace teeth with two crowns.

    I cannot eat, But I blend and juice my foods, lately I have gained to help me substain myself after surgery in September. Plenty of ice cream and chocolate puddings. I am overwhelm to depressed dealing with pain constantly.

    I need help to pay the dentist he wants to operate in two weeks from this date. I need help in raising funds to live life again and not die before my time. in this ten year walk of my plight I have befriended at least 75 women with various cancers, whom have died. I am a Mother to a son named Julian who has just graduated from Morehouse College in May. Julian put himself through college with my prayers and words of encouragement…because, I did not have the income due to my health.

    A Will To Live

    Thank You
    Julia Whitley

  17. Kirk Centers says:

    I’m pledging $37 to Racing for Cancer because I know firsthand the misery of cancer and not knowing if your loved one will survive. I’m dedicating my donation to my niece who fought for over 2 years to survive leukemia. She was only 8 years old when she was diagnosed and is now 20 years old. I remember vividly what she went through during her treatment and she was hospitalized over a 150 times. Organizations like Racing for Cancer will help raise the money needed to wipe out cancer. My niece survived thankfully, but many others don’t. Let’s put a stop to the morbidity and mortality. I hope others will follow my lead and dig deep and donate today!!
    Thank you! Kirk Centers

  18. T Vossman says:

    I just donated and dedicate it to our Chairman’s wife. She has been fighting cancer of the thyroid and I know it has been a trying year for her. I admire Jim for his effort to continue to help guide and lead our company while supporting his wife this past year. I pray that her fight ends in beating this cancer and I would ask everyone to pray as well for her.

  19. Melissa Wright says:

    I would like to thank my friend Alicia Ramos and my Son, Tyler Jimerson for being the strongest and courageous people that I know. They, without fail were there for me during my surgery, my treatments and for support. I battled Cancer for nearly 2 years and with much success I am now Cancer free. I didn’t realize what a fight my Grandfather went through years ago until I myself had endured it. He is my Hero. I have come to meet many survivors and some that are still in this fight. All we can do is hope for a cure. Thanks for the support to all of you that are in this racing for a cure! It’s an amazing and awesome thing. You give us hope for the future. Taking this massive storm by the wheel. I appreciate it. – Thank you, Melissa Wright.

  20. Tom V says:

    To kick off our new service, I want to dedicate this website, and all that we want to do to help those fighting cancer today, to Ryan Hunter-Reay’s mom. I was not fortunate enough to have met her, but several people have said to me, “…if you meet Ryan, you have met his mom”. I hope as we move forward she will be able to look down and smile on our efforts to succeed in picking up the pace to help others! I feel humbled and grateful to be a part of this great cause. God Bless you my friend, RHR!