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#beatcancer Ride to St. Pete – Day 21

March 17, 2011 by TVossman  
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This morning we started our day by recording a video on what you might need to take along with you if you ever decide to take on an adventure like this.  Make sure to check it out on YouTube… TV riding through Gulf Shores - Day 21

We left Foley, AL this morning with great weather and temps into the high 50’s.  We traveled about 6 miles south down to Gulf Shores where we rode into a Saint Patrick’s Day parade on the main street with bagpipes and all!  Following the musicians were locals, spring breakers, and senior citizens wearing their Luck of the Irish green and Mardi gras beads! We thought it would be great to hold out our donation box while they passed by and we had several people stop by and make a donation!     

We continued to travel through Alabama and finally crossed over into Florida by late morning and all was great except the wind along the coastline was pretty brutal!  Late this afternoon as we traveled through a town called Navarre, we saw a lady stopped alongside the road taking pictures.  It appeared that she was taking pictures of us as we rode by with the bike and SAG vehicle, and within about 20 minutes we were stopped by another woman who said she worked for the newspaper in Navarre.  Her editor (the lady taking the pictures) had called her to see if she could find us and interview us to see what we were doing.  Luck would have it that she had just spotted us as she received the call from her editor.  We talked to her for about 30 minutes, so make sure to check out the Navarre Press edition on March 24th, should see a great story! 

TV crossing over into Florida - Day 21Lately, we’ve been leaving you with cancer statistics from the states we’ve entered.  Today, we’ll share the numbers from Florida which is second only to California with estimated new cancer cases of 107,000 with Lung Cancer being number 1 again.  As with Alabama and Mississippi, the most dominant types of cancers among the top 5 in the state are Prostate (2), Breast (3), and Colon (4) cancer in that order.  Unfortunately, it is forecasted that 40,888 of those 107,000 will die which is about 38%.  The difference in Florida is that although Lung cancer is the most prevalent, Colon cancer is the second highest type of death to cancer in the state with over 3,500 people dying a year.  

Can’t stress enough that we can save lives if we just talk to our loved ones about getting tested!  We’ve done our part by getting out and raising awareness along the streets of the country, now we need your help!  Please make the commitment to convince at least one family member to get to the doctor this year…it could save their life!

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  1. john schettler says:

    Tom, we missed you by one day in Gulf Shores as we where there on March 18th. John Schettler