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#beatcancer Ride to St. Pete – Day 20

March 16, 2011 by TVossman  
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TV riding in MS - day 20WOW!  Two-thirds into the trip and on the downhill slope, just wish I could say the same for the roads!  It was another beautiful day outside, temperatures not too cold with blue skies.  The only real issue was once again there were no shoulders on the road to ride so at times it made it a little difficult with traffic, but we pushed through! 

Mid-way through the afternoon, we met Bill who was driving a motor home and towing his vehicle with a couple of bikes in the back.  As we came up over the hill, we noticed that he had pulled off the side of the road and was standing there with his hand out…so we stopped.  Bill wanted to contribute to Racing for Cancer and told us that he appreciated what we were doing and shared with us that he was losing his wife to cancer.  Let’s please keep Bill in our prayers; hopefully by the power of prayer we can create a miracle, with God’s help of course.     

Now that we are in the state of Alabama, we want to continue to share information on how cancer is affecting the state today.  There will be an estimated 23,640 new cancerTV and Bill - Day 20 cases diagnosed with again the number 1 being Lung cancer.  Other types of cancers that are rated among the top 5 in the state are Breast, Prostate, and Colon cancer in that order.  Unfortunately, it is forecasted that 10,150 of those 23,000 will die which is almost 43%.  With early detection, we could save 2,240 of those lives (22%) by listening to what our bodies tell us, self-exams, and getting ourselves to the doctor for professional diagnoses.  Another important thing to remember is that if you have cancer in your family history, you need to check yourself out earlier than when the family member was diagnosed by at least 10 years. 

I know we have talked about this many times this month, but as we ride through the country and talk to people many of the stories are like Ryan’s.  The trips to the doctor’s office always came just a little too late…we need to change that and become proactive with ourselves and our family members.  Let’s show them just how much we love them…encourage them to make an appointment with their doctor to get checked!

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