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#beatcancer Ride to St. Pete – Day 12

March 8, 2011 by TVossman  
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Today was a good day, the temperatures are a little warmer than usual, the winds seem to be more in my favor, and we are off to Texas Motor Speedway to meet Eddie Gossage, a cancer survivor himself and take aTV at TMS - Day 12 ceremonial lap around the track!

We headed slightly north today to take advantage of the winds and to clock the 100 miles for the day.  Only had one flat today but the roads (shoulders) here in Texas are brutal on the bike tires!  

The ride to the speedway was uneventful…however there were several things that occurred today worth mentioning: 

  • Update on Tiana Bishop (Cancer Fighter of the Race, Mid-Ohio 2010).  Diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, Rhabdomyosarcoma in June 2009.  She is nearing the end of her treatments (July 2011) and has been very (more…)

#beatcancer Ride to St. Pete – Day 11

March 7, 2011 by TVossman  
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We would like to take a moment to once again ask for help in the fight against cancer.  We know there are not many people that can say that they haven’t been touched in some way by this terrible disease.  The survivor rateTV and Debbie Reynolds - Day 11 is increasing yearly but we still have a long way to go. 

We have dedicated ourselves to help with the battle against cancer.  As we travel throughout the country on our 2800 mile bike ride to St. Pete, we continue to meet people who have been affected by cancer in one form or another.  Today, we met Debbie Reynolds who lost her husband to Carcinoma, a cancer that begins in the skin or in tissues that line or cover body organs.  He was only 47 years old (more…)

#beatcancer Ride to St. Pete – Day 10

March 6, 2011 by TVossman  
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TV and Anne - Big Spring TXMaking our way across the great state of Texas…should be in the Dallas Ft. Worth area by Tuesday afternoon if all goes well! 

Today at breakfast we met Anne, a breakfast attendant at the Hampton.  She recognized the Racing for Cancer logo on our shirts and just started sharing her cancer story with us.  She said when she was 19 years old she lost her son, Martin to cancer (ALL).  Martin was only 2 years old when he was diagnosed and at the age of 4 he passed away.  Anne was also pregnant with her oldest daughter at the time of Martin’s passing so for a very young mother she experience some very difficult times in her life.  She said that those experiences changed her life…and that today she is different person because of those struggles.  She has become a strong woman and we dedicate part of the ride to her today. 

We left the hotel and traveled about 65 miles to another small town where we met Francis.  During a rest stop, we found out that Francis is a cancer survivor but (more…)

#beatcancer Ride to St. Pete – Day 9

March 5, 2011 by TVossman  
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Since March is the national awareness month for colorectal cancer, I’d like to spend a little time to promote early detection and prevention as we are out on the road traveling across this great country. TV entering TX - Day 9

Early detection is vital and in order to save lives we must all take responsibility for knowing our family health history.  Over 80% of all cases of colorectal cancer can be prevented with recommended screening.  Despite its high incidence, colorectal cancer is one of the most detectable and, if found early enough, most treatable forms of cancer. 

In unison with the Colon Cancer Alliance, Racing for Cancer urges everyone to talk to your family, get information about your relatives so you can make an educated decision about (more…)

#beatcancer Ride to St. Pete – Day 8

March 4, 2011 by TVossman  
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Looking back down the valley from SA passAnother beautiful day in New Mexico, as we leave Las Cruces the winds are perfect and the temperature is in the mid 50’s.  Unfortunately, the winds changed almost immediately as we traveled Northeast on 70 heading towards Alamogordo, NM.  It made it a rather tough day, riding against the winds again…for some reason I have not been able to catch a break from the Wind Gods! 

Shortly after leaving Las Cruces, I found myself heading towards the San Augustin Mountains (about an 8 mile range) trending slightly northeast.  The southern border is the San Augustin Pass where US70 goes from Las Cruces and turns northeast through White Sands to meet Alamogordo.  When we started this morning in Las Cruces we were at 3900 feet above sea level and at the top of the pass it was about 5,719 feet above sea level!  It was for the most part a gradual incline all the way to the top where we stopped (more…)

#beatcancer Ride to St. Pete – Day 7

March 3, 2011 by TVossman  
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TV riding across the Continental Divide - Day 7WOW!!  What a great day to ride from Lordsburg, NM where once again the skies are clear and sunny, a cool 44 degrees to start the day, but ending in the mid 80’s.  

Steve and I started heading east on I-10 to Las Cruces, NM as that had been decided to be our resting place for day 7.  It was quite different riding on a major interstate but since there were no other roads available, it was necessary.  The weather conditions were great, we finally had the westerly winds at our back but the road conditions were (more…)

#beatcancer Ride to St. Pete – Day 6

March 2, 2011 by TVossman  
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TV and Steve Garufi - New Mexico Day 6.jpgToday was a beautiful day in Safford, AZ. I woke up to a clear sunny sky but cool temps of 36 degrees!  The mission today was to ride 100+ miles into Lordsburg, NM.  

Heading east on Hwy 70 I had my first flat tire!  Not bad for 6 days, fortunately I had all the equipment I needed to change the tube and start on the ride once again.  Down the road a bit, we met up with Steve Garufi who was having a pretty bad day…4 flat tires within a 24-hour period!  You can check out his charity at Cycling for Smiles.  Being by himself with no backup, he started to grow concerned as he had no additional tubes for his bike and of course we were out in the middle of nowhere!  I gave him a few tubes that I had in my spare parts box to (more…)

#beatcancer Ride to St. Pete – Day 5

March 1, 2011 by TVossman  
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Ryan & MomToday I want to take the opportunity to reach out to all our fans, their friends and family to remind everyone that March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.  In that light we want to dedicate today’s ride to Ryan’s mom, Lydia Hunter-Reay who lost her fight to colon cancer in November 2009.  

This month should be a special time for all of us to encourage our families and our close circle of friends to take the necessary precautions to make sure that we are all doing our part to save lives.  If you have history of colorectal cancer in your family, please make it a point to log onto Prevent Cancer  and read the fact sheet to learn what you can do to prevent this type of cancer in your family.  This website is very informative not only to colorectal cancers, but all types of cancers.  Information that is (more…)

#beatcancer Ride to St. Pete – Day 4

February 28, 2011 by TVossman  
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TV riding to PHX Intl RacewayToday was a fairly quiet day on the bike, but a great weather day for a change.  Started the day a little cool, about 44 degrees but turned into a beautiful day with a high of about 68. 

Not really much to share today regarding the ride itself with the exception of riding past the Phoenix International Raceway where Jeff Gordon won the Subway Fresh Fit 500 on Sunday that ended his 66-race winless streak, congratulations Jeff!

As we stand at the Phoenix Raceway, thoughts come to mind that there are many charities in the world today, each with many different goals and commitments.  Racing for Cancer would like to extend their focus on early detection and prevention (more…)

#beatcancer Ride to St. Pete – Day 3

February 27, 2011 by TVossman  
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P2270195 - CopyToday we started the ride with a clear sky and not a cloud in sight!  Our prayers were answered…no rain or snow in sight!  

First, we want to thank the Blue Water Resort & Casino in Parker, AZ for putting us up in rooms for the evening.  We are so appreciative to find businesses that are willing to contribute in helping make this ride a success.  Also, I want to give a “shout out” to Linda, the front desk manager, who is a 2x cancer survivor!  As we continue this awareness campaign across the country, I pray most that perhaps we can encourage early detection. Indeed, convincing others to get a check up and not have to face the risk of ever hearing, “You have cancer!” 

I was so happy about 45 miles into the ride along HWY 72, when Mel stopped his car ahead of us, got out and handed us a (more…)

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